Nonprofits & Organizations

Nonprofits and community organizations focus on making positive changes in the lives of individuals, communities, or the environment. These organizations rely on donations, grants, and volunteers to achieve their goals. Our consultants can help by providing specialized knowledge and expertise in various areas. By developing strong relational partnerships with the organization, we can create results that both parties desire.

For start-up organizations, the process of establishing your vision can be overwhelming and challenging. There are many aspects to consider such as board development, creating a formal structure, and fundraising to name a few. A consultant can guide the organization through the start-up process by providing priceless advice on developing a strategic plan, cultivating partnerships, community engagement, and applying for grants.

Comparably, established nonprofits also experience difficulties in balancing mission with organizational goals with financial constraints. We help to identify the root causes of your challenges and work with the nonprofit to develop and implement a strategy to ensure long-term viability. The consultants can also help with crisis management, such as responding to a major donor’s sudden withdrawal or the unexpected resignation of leadership staff.

Nonprofits that depend on project grants or government funding require a substantial amount of proposal writing, documentation, and compliance with regulations. A consultant can provide technical assistance in this area. By understanding the essential components of grant applications, the consultant can help identify and target funders, create application proposals that speak to their unique interests, and eventually strengthen and bolster the application process. We can help develop evaluation metrics to show funders that their contributions are making a tangible difference.

We aim to help organizations create a culture of learning and continuous improvement. We know that nonprofits that possess an ongoing process of evaluating, learning, and changing perform better. Our consultants apply a personable touch to help measure the effectiveness of your program and service model. This way, you can gain insight into which programs have the most impact and, in turn, allocate resources more effectively.

An external perspective is crucial when looking to improve your effectiveness and achieve your goals. By bringing a unique set of qualifications, skills, and experiences, we deliver a collaborative process to over come obstacles, meet challenges, improve performance, and help you create a positive impact in the greater community.